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All about Real Time, Orchestraction, Messaging Applications, Bots integrations, Data Pipelines and ETL using Elixir & Phoenix Web Framework.

Elixir Language

Elixir is a new generation functional & concurrent programming language built on top of Erlang's VM - BEAM. It's a language designed for productivity, extensibility & maintainability, brining in best of Erlang's fault-tolerance, distributed computing & concurrency.

Phoenix Framework

Phoenix is the most popular web framework for Elixir language that makes building Real Time applications, APIs and web applications super easy. Phoenix is fast and has excellent support for handling large numbers of concurrent users with very low latency and response times.

Advantages of Elixir

As a compiled, dynamically typed language with a functional paradigm, Elixir allows engineers to rapidly build and prototype ideas, reduce unnecessarily shared state (a common source of bugs). The compiling of Elixir to Erlang byte code allows an Elixir application to be extremely performant while also being highly fault tolerant. The language’s focus on simplicity of syntax simplifies the task of client engineers ramping up and maintaining projects.

Advantages of Phoenix

The Phoenix framework, as its name suggests, rose from the experience of earlier rapid web development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, took their lessons and applied them using the strengths of the Elixir language and ecosystem. Phoenix serves several versatile needs which frequently come up on server-side development:

Classical server-side applications

Phoenix is an excellent choice for classical web application development. It has all the bells and whistles one would expect for a project in this class and our engineers have used it to great effect with our clients.

Rapid development of GraphQL and Rest API servers

In today’s world, applications often package and present information to a variety of clients in a variety of formats from a variety of sources. Phoenix has robust libraries for building those API whether they be traditional REST or GraphQL (or both). Our team has extensive experience building and consuming APIs and Phoenix provides a great model to build robust API servers.

Phoenix Liveview

A pioneering approach to web development, LiveView allows information about your application clients to be kept server side, but thanks to Elixir’s facility with concurrency, allows for rich interactions on the client side for the cases where a product requires a robust interaction pattern, but does not meet the bar for a full fledged client side single page application.

Choose Elixir for:

High Traffic Systems

Elixir applications can respond in microseconds. You can handle more requests on the same hardware.

E.g. E-commerce, Social Media, APIs

Distributed or Clustered Systems

Perfect for fault-tolerant & decentralized system - load is spread across multiple connected systems.

E.g. Metrics based Dashboard, Business Intelligence

Real Time Apps & Push Notifications

Server side push notifications across different clients web or mobile on a Real Time basis.

E.g. Chat Application, Messaging Platform, Dashboards

High Availability & Zero Downtime

Rely on being available 24/7 (100% up-time) with proven fault tolerant & fail safe Erlang's OTP engineering

E.g. Payment Systems, Video Streaming, SaaS Applications

Bots & Intelligent Systems

Integrations with external services, have to wait and respond to asynchronous events.

E.g. Gamification, Send email or notification based on an event, Chat Bots

Large Enterprise Applications

With built-in Micro-services & fault tolerance architecture of OTP & Functional language paradigm, Elixir is very much suited for Large Enterprise Applications

E.g. ERP, CRM, Workflow Applications

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